Cristina Santamaría Ábalos, UWC Spanish National Committee

"I love working to train young people to become agents of change within their societies to achieve a peaceful and sustainable world. The UWC method for doing this is sensational! I hope the UWC movement continues to grow and continue its mission to make the world better, so necessary today. Many thanks!"

Allegra Wallace von Hirschberg, USA, 

Waterford Kamhlaba UWC 2007-2014

"I am most thankful to UWC for showing me that such differences, such as race, age or nationality can co-exist in harmony and that the differences between people should be celebrated rather than be the features that define them the most." 

Wall of thanks

Urbano Blanes and Pilar Moreno, Spain, UWC Mahindra College Parents

"UWC gave our son the opportunity to experience a different way of learning - that was far more inspiring, stimulating and motivating that the one we are used to in Spain - in an environment where diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance were present at all times.”

Laurence Nodder, Rektor, UWC Robert Bosch College

"Dear Shelby, On several occasions I have heard you comment that UWC “makes you a better person”, or words to that effect. All I can say is that you have made UWC a better movement. Thank you! Thank you for using your remarkable gifts for making ours a better, more hopeful world!"

Chris Edwards, Head of College, 


"Dear Shelby, There's another great American - one J.F. Kennedy - who said this: "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." You've done that. You challenge, support and inspire the movement, for which we are grateful beyond measure.  Thank you."

Lucy Hodgson, UK, UWC Atlantic College 1992-1994

"Quite simply, the only way I could attend UWC was on scholarship and I was lucky enough to win one through open competition. UWC Atlantic College continues to give me faith to this day that all of us have the power to make the world a better place, whether through great acts or small." 

Alex Wisch, Chile,

UWC-USA 1989-1991

"I believe it's important to educate agents of change who can spread a culture of tolerance and understanding in a world that is increasingly going mad. I have been regularly supporting UWC for many years because I believe this need is an urgent one and is something that UWC can uniquely address."

Rossa Darni, Indonesia, UWC South East Asia 2009

"Dear Shelby Davis,  There are no ways to express how thankful I am. I saw the world, what it needs, and found a way where I can contribute to make it better. Your generosity has shown me that there is nothing more beautiful than creating opportunities for other people."

Peggy and Pierre Bidé, Benin/Canada

Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Parents

"UWC encouraged our children to speak openly and with confidence about their own ideas and opinions. Studying and living with students from such a spectrum of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds meant they were able to learn from and contribute to this beautiful and diverse environment."