"UWC changed the entire course of my life. It encouraged me to engage with the world in a more positive and optimistic way, and it gave me the confidence to take action to make a difference." 

Josh Loehrer, UWC Atlantic College alumnus

Over the years Shelby Davis’ support has helped UWC to thrive. Thousands of students and alumni have benefited directly from his funding for UWC scholarships, university fees and multiple other projects. Shelby now wants to invite you to pay it forward. It is increasingly important that UWC builds a solid funding base in order to guarantee that it can continue to offer scholarships and financial assistance to every student based on their needs. UWC's extensive scholarship model is one of the key features that sets us apart from other schools. It enables us to bring together a diverse student body from so many different cultural and social backgrounds, opening up an incredible exchange of ideas and creating infinite possibilities to change the world for the better.

UWC also has an ambition to grow and expand our impact in new parts of the world. In order to do this responsibly we need to first secure the sustainability of our existing colleges. We need your help to do that.

UWC schools and colleges have made a commitment to use their $1,000,000 in matched funding to increase the numbers of available scholarships. This collective effort will ensure that hundreds more young people will be empowered to become leaders for change in their own communities.

Why give?

"I am so thankful to UWC for showing me that living together across cultures and ethnicities is possible. Growing up in war torn Burundi it was hard, but something beautiful could come out of diversity." 

Armel Nibasumba, Waterford Kamhlaba UWC alumnus

"My daughter's life has changed completely, she is more mature, more independent, capable of solving problems or difficult situations that appear. And the most important is she is happy!" 

Carmen Sogo Mielgo, UWC Parent, Spain